Top 9 Reasons why you should be Keeping a Diary

Most information we have today is extracted from personal diaries of people from the past. Would we even have known our history if the world didn’t have diarists like Samuel Pepys and Robert Shields?

A diary and a journal have near match in substance. They both are records of events or observation and are kept at regular intervals. A journal is however, of more private use.

This article’s focus is mainly on personal diary/journal and hence the importance of recording daily experiences,ideas and reflection.

Why keep a diary?

A place to release your stress.

The best way to releasing stress is to share your experience.

ancient diary
A diary from an old personal journal

Most people (especially introverts) find it hard to share their experiences with other people. A diary gives you the secret space to release what is in your mind without being judged. If you had that boring day full of stressful events,writing down such encounters releases the burden.

Keep your important memories.

Milestone birthdays,career progress,weddings…are experiences you’d never want to lose in your memory. Recording these memories in a notebook gives you a permanent reference. When you feel lonely and have nothing to do,going through such memories is always refreshing.

As you grow older,the need to record your memories grows. You will find a satisfying friend in your diary.


Set and keep track of your goals.

Some people solely keep a diary to trace their goals. No one will open your diary to judge your goals.You have all the freedom to put your goals on paper and evaluate your progress daily,weekly,monthly.

For instance,if you have set a goal to lose some amount of weight in a month,then a diary will be the best place to track your achievement.


Useful in evaluating your progress.

Any mission becomes successful if you evaluate the progress made. With this,you will know what works and what doesn’t work. You can then change your tactics and approach. This will help you remain focus on whatever you are doing.

Successful people,business owners have embraced this secret and they continue to make progress.


Enhance your organizational skills.

A diary is in itself a tool that leads to a more organized life.


With a diary,you are able to track down how you utilize your time.Once you are aware of what fits your life,you will be able to set your life goals and organize your time for the purpose.

People who keep personal diaries have an added advantage in effective organization running. They are able to record their progress while keeping sight of their goals.


Gives you self worth and awareness.

My diary has been the biggest eye opener to my life. Before I started recording my daily experiences,I never understood myself.

Nowadays the most trustworthy book I read to get a better understanding of myself is my diary. When I track my achievements and the steps I’ve made, I get nothing more than self worth and satisfaction.


Motivational and inspirational notebook.

Have you ever been at that point when you consider giving up? Sure, I’ve been there many times. My friends have been there.

Life is an adventure that will sometimes push you to unexpected situations. These are the experiences that I record down in my diary. When am at the verge of slipping back, I always read my diary. It reminds me that I’ve been at such a situation and won the battle, so why will I lose this time round?


Place to unleash your creativity.

Everyone has always got some unique idea in their mind, I bet you! Don’t fear to unleash this ideas. A diary or a personal journal is just the best place to do this.

There are some diaries in which people unleash their drawing skills, write poems/creative stories…This creative idea is what is unique with you and one day, it will help someone else.


Improve your writing skills.

Most writers keep notebooks to jot down ideas and points. If you want to be a good writer, consider writing as much as you can(usually at least 500 words daily). A diary is such a good platform to sharpen your writing skills. Nobody is on your back to rank your skills but yourself. Take this little secret to improve your writing.


Start off with keeping a diary by considering these tips


  • Consistency. Most people lose hope in keeping a diary because they are not consistent. If you want to start out (or struggling in keeping a diary), ensure you that it is in your daily to-do list.
  • Be honest to yourself. Your diary/journal won’t judge you-even if you did something wrong. If you start developing dishonesty in your diary,your life will be full of the same.You will not even be honest to other people.
  • Length doesn’t matter.What matters is the substance.Just write as much as you are motivated to do.
  • Secrecy. If you are keeping something of highly classified nature, then you will need to ensure that the diary remains in safety. Perhaps everyone has a secret.But these secrets will build other people later.


Do you keep a diary? What are the challenges you are facing in keeping your diary?


34 thoughts on “Top 9 Reasons why you should be Keeping a Diary

    • Am familiar with that. Diaries are more of a personal document so you can decorate them whichever way you want. Am sure that’s exactly what motivates her to keep a diary,keep up!


    • Thank you. I hope your friends are keeping or will start keeping a diary. It is very good to have an agenda,just to organize and optimize your productive time.
      Indeed,great minds think alike!


  1. Great post! I am a bit mad at myself, because I have tried to write a diary every since I was little, but always failed to keep it up after few days. So a good reminder why I should try yet again 🙂


    • The very fact that you tried it gives you motivation to try again. Am glad this post reminded you of this.
      I hope this time round everything will be ok, just write even if you don’t want to-you will be motivated as it becomes a routine.


  2. I could not agree with this more! I’ve been keeping a diary since I was a child; I was always encouraged to write down how I felt and to reflect on the goings-on of my day so that I could grow as a person. Now, as an adult, it’s my go-to method to de-stressing and also reflecting on the life that I am living. It helps me, in a way, to set goals, assess my relationships, and really, to be a better person.


    • Hey Emily,

      It is great achievement to have been keeping a diary since childhood, most people(including I) , did not keep diaries since childhood.

      Your comment is a motivation to those who are on the road to self growth.
      Thanks for your comment.


  3. Nice idea. I used to keep a diary, just notes on imp. meetings, some thoughts and stuff. But I stopped a while back. Your article has started me thinking again.


    • Hey Vijee,
      Am glad you found this post motivating. I hope you will restart keeping a diary today.
      You can also share with our readers what reason(s) made you stop keeping your diary so others can learn.
      Welcome again here.


  4. As a traveller, I think it is very crucial to maintain a travel journal. Whenever I return from a trip, I often forget names of places and people I meet and then am unable to recollect the same!


  5. I wish I had time for a Diary. I’m so glad I fell into blogging and I halfway get that diary-esque option.


  6. Loved this! I wish more people would write things that occupy their mind down! Looking at a problem, when it’s written down, makes it look less “worse”


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