Meditation and how it helps in self development

Lately,meditation has been part of my daily schedule.It is a small habit that has immense benefits. After long and stressful days,many people turn to this act for religious purpose or relaxation.

Meditation is the practice of focusing the mind to one single thing and attain a state of consciousness. Many people have found this to be a natural way of

When and where to meditate

Meditation should be a routine.It should be done daily – during the mornings and/or evenings. You can also meditate at any possible time if you can’t keep to a daily rhythm.This will however not have the desired results as being a daily routine.

You need a place free from disturbance,out of noise. 

You can meditate for your desired length of time. While starting out,even 1 min,can work. Then increase your time as you feel comfortable with the practice. The scope is to make it a routine.

Some meditation practices

  • Focusing mind on one single thing-object,color,verse…
  • Non-reactive monitoring of your experiences.
  • Repeating/focusing on a mantra.
  • Immersing in silence to exclusion of senses.
  • Focusing on thoughts that have eternal/religious worth.
  • Immersing your mind in natural aspects.

How meditation helps in self-development

It boosts confidence. Practicing meditation will help you feel better about yourself.You will be able to focus on things that improve how you see yourself and how to make decisions. For instance,meditating some time before a challenging activity(say,a Math exam) will boost your confidence.

Improves your focusing skills. Meditation generally involves focusing your mind on something. With time,you will be able to apply this skill in other areas-like in reading,playing games,taking an exam…

Build your positivity. You are able to monitor your experiences,accomplishments and have relaxing/calm mind. It gives you ample time to enjoy and see the value of life.This makes you feel better about life.

Boosts your decision-making. This is always a good time to self-talk and find solutions to challenging situations.For instance,meditating during angry moments helps you to relax and take the best decisions.

Spiritual connection.Some people meditate for spiritual purposes.This can include reciting some religious verses,focusing on some specific religious contents.Ancient meditation practices were largely for spirituality.

Gives you inner peace. It makes you happy.You are able to root out unwanted feelings or “junks” that accumulate inside you.

It’s good for your sleep. It helps you have relaxed sleep. You are free from worries. Your brain and heart can now relax as you attain the state of self-consciousness.Good sleep is good for your health.

Increase self-awareness. You require clarity on the many thoughts you have daily.Meditating will make you find the answers to your self.You will now be able to tell what is good/bad for you. In fact,no external factor is likely able to sway you away from your goals.

Improve you satisfaction with life. You will have a calm time to focus on the positivity of life.You are able to recognize and appreciate what you have / been through.Life needs to be happy.Satisfaction with your life makes you happy.

Practice meditation regularly. Meditation leads to eternal bliss. Therefore meditate, meditate.-Swami Sivananda.

Meditation is a big tool in self development. It is all about having a relation with your brain.Be patient and you will see its results.

You can share some Meditation practices you use and their results.


29 thoughts on “Meditation and how it helps in self development

    • Hey,
      Am glad this post motivated you. I think you can start it alone for the time you are comfortable with,then let it be part of your daily to-do list and you will eventually adapt.
      Welcome here again!


  1. My Mum has been a Yoga teacher most of my life. We are all different, I personally can’t chill not connect, maybe that’s why I do martial arts 🙂


  2. I’ve never done any meditation but it’s definitely something I’ve considered. Have you heard of an app called Headspace? I have used that a few times and it’s very good x


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