11 simple ways to make happiness a reality

A great Spanish poet once said

Happiness is the only sanction of life; where happiness fails, existence remains a mad and lamentable experiment.

I am bound to believe this.How will you have a successful life when happiness has failed?

Life is designed to be a happy journey,full of wonderful games.Still, this journey has made some people lose hope on the way. In as much as no one cannot accurately establish their time of death,researches have always indicated fast death rates among grumpiest people.

But what is happiness?

There are many definitions of happiness. However,they all seem to suggest that happiness involves positive feelings ranging from contentment to immense joy. seth-doyle-78210Think of this like the day-to-day joy and the positive mood you get when life is good, or when you are satisfied by your life.


Daily skills that contribute to your happiness

As mentioned above,happiness is majorly determined by your own satisfaction.What keeps you satisfied with life. Below is a list of very easy skills and activities that can lead to happiness.

  1. Sharing your feelings. It’s always good to let another person(s) know about what you feel.This can be in discussions or talking with friends.

  2. Knowing you strengths.Everyone in this world has their own strengths, and sometimes unique strengths.You always will get self satisfaction by doing what you’re good at.

  3. Involving in Spiritual or Community groups.With this internet era,social networking has made many groups even easily accessible. Most people spent much time in the internet,and most importantly,participating in spiritual or resourceful groups.

  4. Focusing on Present moment.You had a sad moment yesterday or someone/something made you feel so bad.But you need to move on.Life is a journey.The past should never distract you from a happy today.

  5. Be Optimistic about the future. Your future depends on what you keep in mind today.

  6. Know the habits of happy people.Always set some time to know about happy people,their lifestyles and daily habits.Your friend is always happy,why don’t you learn some tips from them?

  7. Have positive emotions.This Post on Changing Minds covers everything.These emotions are the biggest factors in our daily happiness.

  8. Find the meaning and purpose of your life.It is really worthless to live a meaningless and purposeless life,with no mission or goals.As such, daily life events will easily swing you from side to side like a kite.At the end;a sad,miserable life.

  9. Personal exercises.Scientific and practical research have proved personal exercise to be very good to our minds and body.It refreshes our minds and we get self satisfied.

  10. Involve in challenging activities.I love playing chess,solving a Rubik cube,watching sports,writing…These activities always keep me engaged and happy.I am not sure what you like doing, but always keep yourself challenged and engaged with a constructive activity.

  11. Read inspiring material.ben-white-128604Inspirational materials are one of my daily happiness tools.From books to online material,you can never miss something to inspire you.You only need to know legit sources of inspiration.


Sometime, I was watching the movie- The Three Idiots.I specifically enjoyed the song ” All izz well” to an extent that I watch it almost every week. It might seem a stupid song but very resourceful.

When life is out of control

round you lips

whistle and then say

Aal izz well

Just writing this post has made me happy,I hope it is resourceful.

Good Luck!


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